Exposition of New Music 2017


Exposition of New Music 2017


Celebrating 30 years



The celebration of the 30th year of the Exposition of New Music will present many echoes of past glories: we return to earlier dates (a summer of art installations and concerts held in parallel with the Moravian Autumn festival), projects (once again we will bring sound to gardens and other urban spaces) and familiar composers and ensembles (AMM, Aquirre, Adamčiak and others). Despite this, we remain a progressive exposition because we conceive everything differently, in a way that is new, contemporary, revolutionary or evolutionary.


First part:


June to October 2017

From 21 to 23 June, we will bringsound to spaces – gardens, an underpass, courtyards, streets, buildings and a church – by featuring the works of Christina Kubisch, Marie Blondeel, Charlemagne Palestine, the Divergent Connections Orchestra and Milan Adamčiak. Over the summer months we will propose a joint, non-traditional “radio-listening to Radio-Atelier” in various places and various ways.


Second part:


11 to 25 October 2017

We look forward to a feast of musical events: the return of the legendary ensemble AMM, who will perform Cornelius Cardew’s celebrated Treatise; Milan Adamčiak’s Requiem; Pounding Ponc, a project which has already been postponed several times; works by Martin Smolka and Peter Graham; hard-core drummer Marcelo Aguirre with an improvisation orchestra; and Mauricio Kagel and the Russian futurists. Finally, there will be an appearance by a magician or, if not him, then at least some acrobats.


Viktor Pantůček, programmer of the festival

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