Studio: Besední dům

Besední dům is the home of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. Situated in the heart of the city's old town, it is used for orchestral rehearsals, recordings and performances.


It was built in 1865-68 by the architect Teofil Hansen who also designed the great Musikverein in Vienna and it shares many of the features of that great hall including, most notably, a fabulous acoustic.


In adition to the following lists, we are normally able to source any additional equipment requirements that you may have. Please contact us if you need a specific item of equipment which is not listed here.

See the following list for technical equipment specifications.


DPA 4006 (omnidirectional) x 2

DPA 4011 (cardiod) x 2

Schoeps MK2S (omnidirectional) x 2

Schoeps MK21 (wide cardiod) x 2

Schoeps MK4 (cardiod) x 2

all Schoeps capsules are on CMC6 bodies

AKG KM 184 x 8

AKG C480 x 2


Stands & Mounting

Manfrotto 004B x 4

K&M 21021 x 8

K&M 'ordinary' x 12

K&M 'short' x 2

K&M stereo bar - wide, 5 position x 3

K&M stereo bar - variable x 4

various mounting accessories (thread adaptors, spring clips, etc)



StarQuad microphone cable, 10m x 24

all microphone cable black with coloured XLR rings for identification

Sommer 32 / 8 multicore, 35m x 1

Studiospares 8-way multicore, 25m x 1


Mixing Console

Yamaha DM1000 with Meterbridge x 1

Card Slot 1: ADAT card

Card Slot 2: ADAT card (24 channels)



B&W Nautilus 805 loudspeakers x 1 pair

Rotel 1072 amplifier x 1

Sennheiser HD600 open-back headphones x 1

Beyer-Dynamic DT770 closed-back headphones x1



Merging Technology's Pyramix system x 1

v. 7.0 with Masscore 48

Mykerinos Card: MB-1 x 2

Daughter Card: ADAT x 2 (24 channels)

Fostex CD-R x 1



TC Electronics M3000 reverb x 1

Sonifex Redbox HD-6 headphone amplifier x 1

Talkback System x 1

(Monacor Paging Amplifier & passive speaker)

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