Exposition of New Music 2016



19 to 23 October 2016 


By entering the concert hall we separate ourselves from the world around us. In concert halls we repair our hearing and learn to listen anew.
“For one is not always tearing down in order to build again; on the contrary, one tears things down eagerly in order to win free space for light and air, which appear as it were by themselves wherever some obstructing object is removed.” Gottfried Keller Der Grüne Heinrich, quoted in T. W. Adorno The Jargon of Authenticity

It is rather simple really: in the kitchen we cook, in the dining room we eat, in the bedroom we make love and in the concert hall we listen – that is why it was built, why it was conceived, why it exists. That there is always such a blather about it, much of it worthless; that everything is, inappropriately, clothed in exclusivity, fashions, trends, effects and virtuosity; that music’s immanent means are thought insufficient; and that an event, a show, theatricality, multimediality and suchlike are felt to be needed – all of that is actually superfluous. From what is superfluous we seek to free ourselves; we want to remove the “obstructing objects in order to win free space” for music to be listened to without interruptions. We create a space for listening. The programming of the 29th year of the international festival Exposition of New Music is very puritanical. We do not offer extra-musical messages, unusual venues or formats, but only music, the score and its ideal performer. We offer the possibility of listening to contemporary autonomous music. A symphonic concert, three chamber concerts, three solo recitals and four parties await us.

Viktor Pantůček, programmer of the festival


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