*62 MP 4 MP FOR CHILDREN I – All these Wunderkinder…

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*62 MP 4 MP FOR CHILDREN I – All these Wunderkinder…

6:00 PM

Besedni dum, Concert Hall

Music, screenings and stories… A programme combining live performances by former participants in the Amadeus piano competition with excerpts from the Czech Television documentary series Všechny ty zázračné děti (All these Wunderkinder) and featuring works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Sergei Rachmaninoff, George Gershwin, Fazil Say and others

piano Anh Pham Hoang, Nura Jahanpour, Tereza Marečková, Jakub Sládek, Jan Vojtek, Markéta Zuziaková
accordion Radek Tomek (guest), presenter Ondřej En.dru Havlík, script and direction Rudolf Chudoba, Filharmonie Brno, conductor Robert Kružík

Interval I 20 min.
This concert is held in cooperation with Czech Television.


In 1767 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, aged 11, gave a concert in Brno with his sister. This remarkable event inspired the establishment of an international competition for young pianists, known as Amadeus and first held in 2005 with the participation of 90 children aged from 5 to 11.
The director Rudolf Chudoba observed eight of the young contestants not just at the competition venue but also at home. His film documentary Všechny ty zázračné děti… (All these Wunderkinder…, Czech Television, 2005) revealed the young musicians’ distinctive personalities as well as their plans for the future.
Six years later Chudoba returned to these same children in his documentary Všechny ty zázračné děti… setkání druhé (All these Wunderkinder... a second gathering, Czech Television, 2011). They were now teenagers and many had come a long way towards fulfilling their dreams – but their paths did not always involve the piano or even music. Yet they proved their originality and perseverance and were enjoying
the first great successes of their lives.
What has become of these “wonder children“ today? Would you like to discover where their talent, hard work and aspirations have taken them? Much will be revealed in excerpts from the 2005 and 2011 Wunderkinder documentaries and indeed by the artists themselves on the very stage where they stood at the beginning of their careers.

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