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11:00 AM

Roosevelt street, Park

Moravský podzim 2017

A concert commemorating the 80th anniversary of the death of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic. The event will be marked by the planting of the Masaryk Linden Tree with the participation of Brno’s scouts and guides and members of the Brno Sokol.

Ars Brunensis, choir director Dan KalousekBrněnský akademický sbor, choir director Pavel ŠnajdrPěvecký sbor Pedagogické fakulty MU, choir director Markéta OttováGloria Brunensis, choir director Natalia ChirilencoPěvecký sbor Lumír, choir director František OstrýMladí madrigalisté, choir director Jaroslav ČernockýSbor Hudební fakulty JAMU, choir director Jan Ocetek, Smíšený sbor Kantiléna, choir director Jan OcetekVox Iuvenalis, choir director Jan Ocetek, coordinator Jan Ocetek

Organised in collaboration with the Central Brno district.
Admission symbolic at the venue

The conclusion of this year’s Moravian Autumn will be held on Saturday 28 October in the park next to the Janáček Opera House. The event will be a festive commemoration of the 99th anniversary of Masaryk’s Czechoslovak Republic. Participating in the festivities will be Brno members of the Sokol gymnastic association, the city’s scouts and guides and several choirs which will present in Masaryk’s honour a programme of patriotic works written by important composers of the young republic. Earlier, on 14 September, 80 years after Masaryk’s death, we will commemorate the near-incredible achievement of this great man: the establishment of a democratic state that brought independence to the Czech nation after centuries without sovereignty. To the Slovak nation, previously treated by its Hungarian masters as merely a residual ethnicity in Upper Hungary, Masaryk’s Czechoslovakia allowed new cultural and economic development.
The newly planted linden tree will commemorate not just the approaching centenary of the republic, but also the upcoming 50th jubilee of the Moravian Autumn festival. (The Old Testament orders the Chosen People to thoroughly review human economic and personal relationships after seven times seven years, so that the fiftieth year could be celebrated as a Jubilee, our word being derived from the Hebrew word yobel.) The programming of this 49th year of Moravian Autumn recognises this jubilee by the unusually large share of Czech works in its programme, and draws many other connections as well.

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