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Like other top orchestras, Brno Philharmonic is interested in educating the next generation of outstanding musicians who might in the future become its members. For this reason, the beginning of the 2014/2015 season marked its establishment of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra Academy. 

Students and graduates of secondary and higher education music schools, from the Czech Republic and from abroad, will have the opportunity to expand their education and obtain valuable experience at the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra Academy. The programme will focus not only on orchestral repertoire, but by means of a Brno Philharmonic concert series (“Mladá krev” – “Young Blood”) to be held in its hall, the Besední dům, it will also allow members of the Academy to develop their chamber playing skills.

The inclusion of young, talented musicians in the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra will also create many opportunities for the orchestra itself. By founding its own Academy, the Brno Philharmonic acknowledges the long tradition of high quality music education in the Czech Republic, and is confident that the Academy will provide a valuable contribution to its further development.


Length of study

Each Academy member is expected to take part for two concert seasons.


Orchestral practice and individual tuition

Academy members will be invited to participate in selected projects of the Brno Philharmonic, including rehearsals and concerts of the subscription series it holds in Brno. They will be guided by leading players of the orchestra in their study of orchestral parts and preparation for rehearsals and concerts.


Chamber performance practice

Starting with the 2016/2017 season, about four chamber concerts will be held annually in a subscription series “Mladá krev” – “Young Blood” in which more or less every member of the Academy will perform.



Musicians aged 18 to 26 may submit their application for the Academy. Auditions for the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons will be announced in autumn 2017. Should a place become available in the Academy, auditions for the individual instrumental sections might be announced earlier.



Students of the Academy will be remunerated for the rehearsals and concerts in which they participate. The sum is fixed and is 500,-CZK per one attendance at the rehearsal or concert. Number of attendances in one season is minimum 20 and maximum 120. Brno Philharmonic reserves the right not to use the maximum number of attendances.


Leaving certificate

On completing the two-year programme at the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra Academy, each participant will be issued with a certificate by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra testifying that the participant successfully completed the Academy.


Accommodation, travel, concert attire, musical instrument

Brno Philharmonic Orchestra does not provide members of the Academy with accommodation in Brno, nor does it pay for any accommodation or travel costs. The members of the Academy are also not entitled to receive concert attire, musical instrument, or peripherals.



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